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As part of the BBC BitTorrent trend visualisation published yesterday, we have released the largest ever public data set showing trends in music on BitTorrent around the UK.

Top artist releases for cities in the UK

This dataset contains details of the most popular releases (singles and albums) by city for the UK. Data is provided as an absolute value per city showing the highest downloaded artist release on BitTorrent by average number of monthly downloads. Additionally, a “difference by city” variant is provided which shows the release that was downloaded the most above the nationwide average (i.e. this release shows much higher popularity in this town compared to the average nationwide popularity).

Download the data here: UK Top Releases Per Town

Top releases for the top 20 downloading countries

This dataset lists the top 20 countries by BitTorrent download activity. For each country the top torrent downloaded in that country is shown. Additionally, a normalised variant is provided that aims to reveal more detail of regional variation in downloaded torrents. The normalised percentage value is defined as:
(percentage of global downloads from that country) – (percentage of the total downloads for that release from the country)

Download the data here: Global Top Releases

Watch this space for US and Global data.

If you decide to build a visualisation or use the data in any way then let us know, we’d love to feature it on

The data provided here is available for use under the Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial Share Alike license. Use of these datasets constitutes acceptance of this license, and as such you must attribute your use of the datasets accordingly, including a link to this page.

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