Who are we?

At heart we’re all huge music fans. At work we’re all data experts. And we passionately believe that by combining the two, we can help music and branding professionals – and even artists themselves – create truly excellent campaigns. Campaigns that engage fans, delight audiences and get the results you want. With years of experience and the unique demands of the music industry in mind, we’ll take on the data, leaving you free to create truly innovative ideas, backed up by solid intelligence.

The Team

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Senior Management

  • Gregory Mead CEO & Co-Founder

    Gregory Mead

    Gregory co-founded Semetric in early 2008 with the aim to challenge the kinds of outdated data traditionally relied upon, and change the way industry makes data driven decisions. Today Musicmetric, Semetric's first suite of products and services, powers analytics for some of the biggest players in the music industry including the major labels, broadcasters, managers, promoters and online streaming services. Academically Gregory holds a degree in Physics from Imperial College London. He specialized in computational physics and quantitative analysis; skills which come in handy when challenged with - and making use of - the big data churned out by the billions of daily fan interactions across the internet.

  • Jeremy Silver Executive Chairman

    Jeremy Silver

    Jeremy Silver is Executive Chairman of Semetric. He is also Chairman of MusicGlue. He advises the Technology Strategy Board, Bridgeman Art Library and Growth Intelligence. He is a member of the UK Creative industries Council. He advised Shazam’s founders. He was CEO of Sibelius Software and Worldwide Vice-President of New Media for EMI Group in Los Angeles. His book Digital Medieval: the first twenty years of music on the web …and the next twenty - is available in paperback and as an ebook.

  • Daniel Savage EVP North America

    Daniel Savage

    Daniel leads our North American operations, and brings a wealth of experience from over 20 years working in the music industry, including most recently position of General Manager at Maverick Records, plus key executive marketing and sales positions at Hollywood Records, Mercury Records, Atlantic Records and Island Records.

  • Jameel Syed CTO

    Jameel Syed

    Jameel was a founding member at Inforsense Ltd, a leading data mining and analytics company. He received a Ph.D. in Data Analysis and Computing at Imperial College London. He is the CTO at Semetric and heads our team of engineers. He enjoys listening to music and playing the drums.

  • Marie-Alicia Chang Co-Founder & Head of Data Partnerships

    Marie-Alicia Chang

    Marie-Alicia is an entrepreneur with strategic and commercial flair. Having co-founded Semetric she brings experience from both the software and creative industries. Previously Marie-Alicia worked at , a Film and TV software company, Kai Consulting. Marie-Alicia is a talented artist and her experience as a musician gives her a keen insight into the other side of the industry. She graduated from UCL with a BA in History of Art.

  • Elli Shapiro Vice President, Engineering

    Elli Shapiro

    Elli’s previous role was a delivery manager for Betfair, the world's largest Internet betting exchange, managing a team of software engineers working on services for the Betfair platform. He has previously held senior software engineering and development manager positions at SeaChange International, Travelex and Inktomi. Elli has an MSc in Advanced Information Systems and a BSc in Computer Science from San Jose State University.

The Rest of the Semetric Team

  • Matt Jeffery Co-Founder & Principal Software Engineer

    Matt Jeffery

    Matt leads the development of the core infrastructure at Semetric, particularly the data collection and management systems in the backend. He graduated in Internet Computing at Exeter University and co-founded Semetric with Greg and Marie-Alicia. In Matt’s spare time he enjoys programming impossibly complex software for ancient and obsolete 1980's hardware.

  • Andrew Somerville Director of Data Science

    Andrew Somerville

    Andrew has significant experience in analysis, recently holding posts as a research fellow at the Royal United Services Institute for Defence & Security Studies (RUSI), and as a post-doctoral researcher specialising in open-source intelligence and research at the King's Policy Institute of King's College London. He has been featured in number of media outlets and publications including the BBC Radio, BBC News, Voice of America, China People’s Daily, Open Democracy, the Daily Telegraph and the Daily Mail. Andrew has a Bachelor's degree in physics from Imperial College London, and a Master's degree from the Department of War Studies at King's College London.

  • Izzy James Support and Curation Manager

    Izzy James

    Izzy is in charge of data quality and coverage for the Semetric data warehouse. She manages our team of researchers and ensures all our systems are running smoothly and have full data coverage. Izzy is an expert in cross stitching, cat videos and sitcoms (in addition to music and gigs).

  • Claire Kenny Curation Executive

    Claire Kenny

    Claire updates curation with new artists everyday and ensures that all data for our artists are being tracked. Claire also researches for new and emerging acts. Claire has a degree in Communications & Media from Bournemouth University.

  • Alex James Software Engineer

    Alex James

    Alex has a degree in Computer Science and Mathematics and an MSc in Internet and Distributed Systems from Durham University. He worked previously at enterprise search and knowledge management company, Autonomy, working in the pre-sales promote team on a diverse range of customer projects.

  • Antonino Stefano Borgia Software Engineer

    Antonino Stefano Borgia

    Stefano is our Python expert and is responsible for the data collection infrastructure. Prior to joining our team, Stefano worked at Telecom Italia Mobile focusing on the development of an Application Performance Management system and held research positions in Grid Computing and Distributed Computing at National Institute of Nuclear Physics in Italy, as Java and Python developer. Stefano holds a MSc in Software Engineering from University of Padua. When not at work Stefano can be found riding his beloved Aprilia around town, or on the tennis court.

  • Chris Francis Front End Developer

    Chris Francis

    Chris is a UI / interactive developer with years of experience working in design agencies, the music industry and the public sector. He is responsible for ensuring our web-based products are the best they can be, researching new and emerging technologies, and ensuring consistency of our visual brand. Chris has a degree in Music from the University of Edinburgh and spends most of his time outside of work writing music, performing in one of his many bands, or hacking open-source code. He's slightly obsessed with his cats.

  • Marc Bruning Software Engineer

    Marc Bruning

    Marc has a PhD in Biotechnology from Hamburg University of Technology, and has held research positions in computational modelling and predictive algorithms at the Max-Plank Unit for Structural Molecular Biology, Helmholtz Centre for Infection and Bristol University. His latest role was as software engineer at Alchemy Social/Experian, running deep analytics on customer social profiles.

  • Matteo De Luise Software Engineer

    Matteo De Luise

    Matteo has a master's degree in Computational Physics focusing on operations research, optimization and data analysis techniques. He also holds a degree in Software Engineering. At his last role he worked on performance optimization at C24 Technologies. He is one of Semetric's resident Hadoop experts.

  • Mike Wood Software Engineer

    Mike Wood

    Mike works in our core infrastructure team, working on Hadoop. His previous roles include working as a Thermal-Fluids Engineer at Pratt & Whitney focusing on automatic analysis of thermal models. He has also worked as a Java Engineer at Openbet Technologies and Process Systems Enterprise. He is an active member of the London Java Community and is a regular home brewer.

  • Tom Hawley System Operations Manager

    Tom Hawley

    Tom is our Systems Operations Manager and keeps the Semetric hardware infrastructure running smoothly. He has years of experience in the ISP world managing data-centre operations. He has a degree in Computer Science. Tom is also fluent in Japanese and spent 4 years living in Japan.

  • Jo Kling Systems Operations Engineer

    Jo Kling

  • Michelle Fuachie Office Manager, London

    Michelle Fuachie

    Michelle has worked in office management for over 12 years and ensures the smooth day to day running of the Semetric office including support to our US operations. Her responsibilities within Semetric cover office and financial management.

  • Aisha Thorn Project Manager

    Aisha Thorn

    Aisha has worked as a developer and project manager on speech recognition and assistive technologies. She has a PhD in bioacoustics (study of animal vocalisations) from University of Sussex and has developed software for the analysis of sound. In her spare time she enjoys biking, gliding and travelling the world.

  • Jason Costello Data Scientist

    Jason Costello

    Jason has a BSc Hons in Applied Physics and is near completion of his EngD thesis from the University of Strathclyde, . His previous research looked at the application of machine learning techniques in the nuclear energy industry. He's also a fan of valve guitar amplifiers, Glasgow Warriors RFC and pretty much any form of live music.

  • Neal Kerry Software Engineer

    Neal Kerry

    Neal focuses on Hadoop development, which is responsible for processing the data Semetric gathers and turning it into useful information. Prior to Semetric, he worked for a company involved in automated data analysis for risk assessment. Neal holds a degree in Computer Science from the University of Warwick.

  • Omario Jones Curation Executive

    Omario Jones

  • Milo Hill Front End Developer

    Milo Hill

The Board

  • Gregory Mead CEO

    Gregory Mead

  • Jeremy Silver Executive Chairman

    Jeremy Silver

  • Marc Moens Investor Director

    Marc Moens

  • Jon Edington Investor Director

    Jon Edington