Musicmetric Pro

Extracting actionable insight from the billions of global interactions across social media, mentions, sales, streaming and file sharing for tens of millions of artists, releases, tracks and videos.

Track as many artists as you like in the world’s most powerful music analytics dashboard.





The Overview gives a quick snapshot of how an artist is performing online. Then all it takes is a couple of clicks to dig deeper, whether it’s into downloads or demographics, social sentiment or sales.

Social media monitoring

With fans interacting with artists across so many different channels, the Social Media area brings all this information together, so you can quickly and easily see everything from followers and likes, to who’s saying what and where.

Musicmetric Insights

No need to look through hundreds of different graphs to decide what’s important or what’s moving the needle – we've already done the hard work. Get a weekly report of significant happenings for your artist contextualized with activity by the artist, and compared to historically successful activity.

Changes in trend direction, spikes in activity, relative success of new releases and videos or changes in where the artist is popular on social networks and geographically are highlighted and summarized in easy to digest snippets of text.

Fan demographics

Numbers are only half the story. Understanding the people behind the stats is what takes a good campaign and makes it great, which is why we’ll help you discover who an artist’s fans are and what it is that makes them tick.

File Sharing analytics

Monitor the BitTorrent network for download trends around the world for any artist or release. Help pinpoint pockets of download activity for planning tours, marketing or targeting new fans. Combined with location data from Twitter and other social media you'll never miss an opportunity to find new fans.

Third party data integration

Easily and securely connect your iTunes, Spotify, Facebook Insights and Google Analytics data for even more in depth analytics. Overlay and compare your own private data with any of the data available in Musicmetric Pro. All in one place.